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Auto Login Feature

Completion rates are a key to success in the Risk Assess application. A big impediment to completion rates is supplier logins with a username and password. This specific email parameter (!DIRECTLINK!) feature enables uses to add a link in custom emails that will allow users (both internal and external) to be brought directly to the evaluation or approval without having to login.

The embedded link remains usable until the evaluation or approval is submitted or approved or if the link expiration time out limit is reached.

The link expiration time out is a client-level setting that is set to 60 days by default. Contact Coupa to change this setting.

A series of checks are then performed to assure the user can be taken to the object without login. These checks include: is the user still active?, is the object still active?, if the object is not completed, has the link expired?, has the object been delegated? If the object is completed, deleted, delegated or the link is expired, then the user will be taken to an information page that will provide them with some basic information about why they were not taken to the object.

Currently the direct link tag can be used in any email that provides a deep link to an evaluation or approval.  A user that comes into the system with a direct link cannot navigate to any other page in the system.  This includes their profile, search and navigation tabs. Users who attempt to navigate outside of the approval or evaluation are logged out and taken to the login page.

The landing, confirmation, and Error pages associated with the AutoLogin feature messages can be configured to display your own specified text by contacting Coupa.

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