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Evaluation/Approval Delegation

The Evaluation/Approval Delegation function allows the user (with the appropriate system permissions) to change the Evaluator and/or Approver(s) of a program to a different individual or group.

If the program is configured to allow evaluation and/or approval delegation, Delegation can also be accessed via the Delegate link located on the Evaluation/Approval Status page for program-specific delegation.

The Evaluation/Approval Delegation page displays all active programs in grid form by program type, including:

  • Relationship Programs
  • Enterprise Compliance Programs
  • Enterprise Performance Programs
  • Enterprise Risk Programs
  • Information Management Programs

Each program displays in the appropriate section along with the enrolled Supplier/Relationship listed in alphabetical order.

To delegate an Evaluation or Approval for a program, follow the steps below.

Go to Admin > Program Management > Evaluation/Approval Delegation.

RA - Evaluation and Approval Delegation 1.png

Select and expand a Program Type.

RA - Evaluation and Approval Delegation 2.png

Click on the Supplier link or click the button to change the program settings.

RA - Evaluation and Approval Delegation 3.png

Under the appropriate delegation section (Program Approval, Organization Approval) and Current Approver name, indicate the Approver by naming one of the following:

  • Delegate To User
  • Delegate to Group

RA - Evaluation and Approval Delegation 5.png

Click the Save button to save the approval delegation. Or, click the Cancel button to discard the changes and return to the Program Management page.

An automatic email will be sent to both the original Approver and new Approver informing them of the delegation action taken.

An Approval can be delegated to another user while the originally-designated Approver is out-of-office. This can be accomplished in one of two ways:

  • If the program has already launched, then the user delegates from within the already launched Evaluation/Approval by selecting the Delegate link or the Admin user delegates by Program Type/Enrollment from the Admin tab or Program Admin tab using the Evaluation/Approval Delegation feature.
  • If the program will launch while the originally-designated Approver is out, then that individual can delegate from their user Profile > Out Of Office Settings.

If an individual or group is assigned as both the Organization and Final Approver for a Program, and a user wishes to delegate both Approvals to the same individual or group, then two Approval Delegations are required:

  • One for the Organization Approver; AND
  • One for the Final Approver (Program Manager)