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Evaluation/Approval Status - Un-submit or Un-approve

The Evaluation/Approval Status function allows the user to change the Evaluator and/or Approver Status of a program to a different individual or group. This is, essentially, an “unsubmit” feature that enables an Evaluator to correct and resubmit an Evaluation.

The Evaluation/Approval Status page displays all active programs in grid form by program type, including:

  • Relationship Programs
  • Enterprise Compliance Programs
  • Enterprise Performance Programs
  • Enterprise Risk Programs
  • Information Management Programs

Each program displays in the appropriate section along with the enrolled Supplier/Relationship listed in alphabetical order. Click on the Supplier link or click the Change button associated to the User or Group to change the status.

To change the status of an Evaluation/Approval of a program, follow the steps below.

Go to Admin > Program Management section > Evaluation/Approval Status.

RA - Eval and Approval Status 1.png

Select a Program Type and expand it.

RA - Eval and Approval Status 2.png

Click on the Supplier link or click the Change button to change the program settings.

RA - Eval and Approval Status 3.png

Click the appropriate checkbox(es) to undo the current status.

RA - Eval and Approval Status 4.png

Click the Save button to save the approval delegation. Or, click the Cancel button to discard the changes and return to the Program Management page.

Once the status changes for an Approval, an automatic email will be sent to the Approver, informing them of the status change.

Keep the following additional important bullet points in mind when utilizing the Evaluation/Approval Status function:

  • The Approver has access to the Status via the Detailed Status link, located on the Evaluation.
  • Checkboxes must be indicated and saved one at a time in the correct order (top to bottom) for the system to behave correctly.
  • The Supplier Program Manager only sees the overall score for the Supplier; they do not see the final overall score or rating range after the customer completes their evaluation/review.
  • Approvals can be deactivated for a given program in Step 1 of the Program Wizard by updating the “Approval Method” field to the appropriate selection.
  • When a Program is configured as No Approval required, the designated Approvers will see the Approval on their Dashboard until the Evaluator has submitted the Evaluation. The Program will auto-approve upon submittal, which provides the Program Manager control, in the event an override, Delegation or other program manager task needs to be performed.
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