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Access Risk Assess KPI Library

The Coupa KPI library is a repository for Coupa added KPIs. These KPIs may be used repeatedly in multiple programs without having to re-create/define them in every program. The Coupa KPI Library is only available for relationship-based and enterprise performance programs.  

To view the Coupa KPI Library:

  1. Navigate to the Admin tab – Coupa KPI Library.
  2. The library page displays all the KPIs by category.
  3. Choose a category from the list to display the KPIs associated with that category.

The KPIs from the library are available to the user when the Library button is clicked on step 3 of the wizard.  

Do not confuse this option with Client KPI Library. The user does not have the ability to add/edit these KPIs as they are available to every Risk Assess Client. Only the Client KPI Library can be modified by the user.

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