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Coupa Success Portal

Program Enrollment Import

Program Enrollment Import enrolls suppliers/relationships to specific active programs or updates existing suppliers/relationships of an active program.  

The process for using Program Enrollment Import is:  

  1. Navigate to the Admin tab – Program Enrollment Import.
  2. Select a Program Type from the dropdown list.
  3. Select a Program Name from the dropdown list.
  4. Upload the required import template via the “browse” button (acceptable files: csv, excel or staroffice).
  5. Click Import to import the file.
  6. Review the import status listed under each import heading.
    • Validated New Entries – list of all the “new” program enrollment entries.
    • Updated Entries – list of the all the “updated” program enrollment entries.
    • Problem Data – list of any problem enrollment data.

Program Enrollment Import can only be used for enterprise programs (compliance, performance and risk) and information management programs. 

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