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Coupa Success Portal

Program Scorer Replacement

The Program Scorer Replacement page allows the user to replace the scorer of a program.  

Information management programs are not included.

The process for replacing a program scorer is:

  1. Navigate to the Admin tab > Program Scorer Replacement.
  2. Select the Program Type and Program Name from the dropdown boxes.
  3. Select the user type (internal or external).
  4. If an external user, select the supplier name.
  5. Select the From user from the dropdown box (the current scorer).
  6. Select the To user from the dropdown box (the new scorer).
  7. Select a Program Status Scope.
    • Active Program – replaces scorer for an active program only.
    • Launched Evaluations – replaces scorer for a launched evaluation only.
    • All – replaces scorer in both active programs & launched evaluations.
  8. Click Replace to replace the program scorer.

Review the action status in the User Replace Status box.

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