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Coupa Success Portal

Program Template Library

The Program Template Library is used to create new or maintain existing program templates.    The Program Template Library page is broken up into four sections and displays all the templates in grid form.  

Program templates can be created in two ways:

  1. From the Program record (relationship or enterprise)
    1. Navigate to the appropriate program record (relationship tab or program tab).
    2. Select the program you want to make a template.
    3. Click the link “Make Program a Template” on the right hand side of the program record.
    4. This program will now appear in the list of available program templates in the Admin tab – Program Template library.


  1. From the Admin tab:
    1. Navigate to the Admin tab – Program Template Library.
    2. Click the New button.
    3. Select a Program Type and Category Type from the dropdown lists.
    4. Complete the required and optional information on the program wizard.
    5. Click Save to save the template as a draft, and then click Activate to make the template available to users during program creation and management.

The Program Template Library is only available for relationship-based and enterprise programs.

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