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Info Profile Component - Reporting Selection


Components included in Info Profile now have an option to include the component in reporting. This feature allows the Info Profile fact table to be available in reporting.

What we were thinking

Risk Assess reporting allows customers to quickly see key information to assist them in managing their third party relationships. The new Include in Reporting field for Info Profile components allows customers to add a customized Info Profile fact table that includes the fields and components they want to see.

How it works

Go to Admin > Program Component Library and add or edit a component. Select a component that can be added to In Profile.

RA - Include in Reporting for Info Profile.png

The fields Include in Info Profile and Include in Reporting for Info Profile are enabled by default. If these fields are selected, this component will be included in the Info Profile fact table in reporting.

RA - Include in Reporting closeup.png

To remove this component from reporting, simply uncheck the Include in Reporting for Info Profile field.

 RA - Remove from Reporting.png

Upgrade impact

All Risk Assess customers who have components that are included in Info Profile will have the "Include in Reporting" field enabled by default. Customers who do not want to include their Info Profile components in reporting will need to manually disable this field.

Roles and permissions 





This feature will be available for all Risk Assess users.


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