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Coupa Success Portal

Viewing Users

Two user grids are displayed on the user management page, one for internal users and one for external users.  The following columns are displayed in the default grid:

  • Client – the Coupa client company for whom the user was created
  • Company – the Coupa client or Supplier Company for whom the user was created
  • First Name – first name of the user
  • Last Name – last name of the user
  • Business Phone – business contact phone number for the user
  • Email – contact email address for the user
  • Status – indicates whether or not the user is active in the system
  • Last Login Date – the date the user last logged into Coupa
  • Password Reset – changes the user’s password to a new temporary password
  • The following additional columns may be added to the grid;
  • City – user's business address City
  • User Type – will resend the email using the intended users current email address in the system.
  • Street 1 – first line of the user's business street address
  • Street 2 – second line of the user's business street address
  • State/Province – user's business address State/Province
  • Postal Code – user's business address Postal Code
  • Country – user's business address Country
  • User Name – user’s Coupa login ID 
  • External Reference – reference key that uniquely identifies the supplier in one or more external systems
  • Is Admin – indicates that the user has administrator privileges in Coupa
  • ViewActionItems – provides the ability for the adminstrator to manage the users action items (requires special admininstrator privileges)
  • ViewActionPlans - – provides the ability for the adminstrator to manage the users plans items (requires special admininstrator privileges)

To view a user record:

  1. Navigate to the Admin tab.
  2. The Administration page will display.  Select the “User Management” link under the User Management and Security grouping.
  3. Scroll down to the user you want to view.  Click View.
  4. The User Profile Page will display.
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