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Coupa Success Portal

Update an Existing Risk Assess User's Status

The process to update an existing user’s status is:

  1. Navigate to the Admin tab.
  2. The Administration page will display. Select the “User Management” link under the User Management and Security grouping.
  3. The User Management page will display. Scroll down to the user name for the account that you want to update.  Select the user name.
  4. The User Profile Page will display. Click Edit.
  5. Scroll down to the status field and select the desired status from the dropdown box.
  6. Click Save to save the user.
  • Valid values for status = Active, Inactive and Deleted. 
  • When status is set to inactive, the user is not included in drop down list in Risk Assess.
  • When status is set to Deleted:
    • The user is included in the contacts list and the in the user admin listing.
    • Users cannot log into Risk Assess.
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