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Coupa Success Portal

Manage User Action Items

A user’s action items (evaluations and approvals) can be managed from the User Management grid.  From this grid the admin user can view AND modify any of the evaluations or approvals that are assigned to the specified user. This includes submit and approve. All of these actions are logged in the change log under the admin user. An important caveat is the Hivi (workflow visualization) that will still show the original intended user even if the admin did the approve or submit. 

Because this functionality might be considered sensitive, access to the view action items and view action plan grids are more tightly controlled. In order to access these columns the following must be true:

  1. The user must be designated as the default site administrator 

RA - Manage user Action Items.png

  1. The administrator user is a member of the group named Admin View Action Items

The process to manage a user’s action item is below.

  1. Navigate to the Admin tab.
  2. The Administration page will display. Select the User Management link under the User Management and Security grouping.
  3. The User Management page will display. Scroll down to the user name for which you need to manage the action items. Click the checkmark icon.

A pop up message is displayed. Click OK to confirm that you wish to view the user’s action items. The user’s action item grid containing all evaluations and approvals will display. 

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