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Setting Field Groups Permissions

Field Group system permissions include granting and denying viewing and editing rights. Permissions can be granted globally by group, or individually by user.

Setting Field Group System Permissions

To set global, supplier, group, or individual Field Group system permissions, follow the steps below.

Go to Admin > Systems Permissions > Global Permissions, Group Permissions, or User Permissions > Field Group category.

RA - System Permissions Admin.png

Set your permissions.

RA - Field Group Category.png

  • Select the Grant button to provide permission to access the selected UDF group.
  • Select View Rights Deny button to prohibit permission to access the selected UDF group.

Click the Save button to save the permission settings. Or, click the Cancel button to discard the data.

Cloning/Copying Field Group System Permissions

Copies of existing permissions can be created using the Save As function in the application. This function permits the user to save the current settings of an individual or group, which, in turn, makes a clone or copy so that a new record can be created from duplicating the current record.

Field Group level permissions are copied with all other permissions. There is no separate ‘Save As’ utility for Field Groups.

To create a copy of a user’s or group’s permissions using the Save As function, follow the steps below.

Go to Admin and locate the user’s or group’s permissions to copy and click the associated link.

RA - Copy Security Permissions.gif

On the Copy Permissions To modal, enter the new user and/or group for whom/for which the permissions are being created in the applicable corresponding field provided.

RA - Copy Permissions To.png

Click the Save button to create the new UDF. Or, click the Cancel button to exit without saving the changes.



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