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Risk Assess User Sync

Feature overview

Coupa user accounts may now be synchronized from Coupa to Risk Assess.

What we were thinking

The Risk Assess User Sync feature allows Coupa customers with a Risk Assess license to sign in once to access the Risk Assess application. User Sync provides an integrated and seamless experience for users who navigate between multiple Coupa applications.

How it works

Risk Assess User Sync allows Coupa administrators to synchronize user accounts from Coupa to Risk Assess. 

User accounts only synchronize one way—from Coupa to Risk Assess.

Create a user in Coupa

Coupa - Create User.png

To create a user in Coupa, go to Setup > Company Setup > Users. Click the Create button to begin creating a Coupa user. Complete the required fields and be sure to enable the following field:

Field Description
Licensing > Risk Assess license This field synchronizes the user's Coupa account with the user's Risk Assess account. If the user does not previously have a Risk Assess account, an account will be created.

Coupa - Create New User.png

Click the Create button at the bottom of the page to finish creating your new user account. Upon creation of the new user account, the User Sync feature automatically creates a Risk Assess account that is linked to that user's Coupa account.

Coupa users with a Risk Assess license may access Risk Assess at Suppliers > Risk Assess in the navigation bar.

Coupa - Risk Assess Login.png

View user in Risk Assess

CRA - Coupa Admin - Internal Users-active.png

In Risk Assess, go to Admin > User Management and Security > User Management to view the User grid. Search any of the fields for the newly synchronized user account.

Only active users are visible in this grid.


The newly synchronized Risk Assess user account is not editable within Risk Assess. To update this user account, all changes must be made in the user's Coupa account.

The following fields are referenced between Coupa user accounts and Risk Assess user accounts listed in order of precedence:

  1. Coupa ID*
  2. Username
  3. Email
  4. Active
  5. First Name
  6. Last Name
  7. Business Phone Number
  8. Address: Street1, Street2, City, State, Postal Code, and Country Code

*Coupa ID is not visible in the User grid.

Upgrade impact 

Roles and permissions





This feature is available to all customers who have a Risk Assess license. It is off by default. See How it works for more information. If you want to get Risk Assess, contact your Coupa representative.

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