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Delete Objects

There is an administrative function available for deleting primary data objects in Risk Assess including suppliers, relationships, engagements, and organizations. This function is designed so that it will allow the deletion of an object only if there are no subordinate objects associated with it. This means that to delete a supplier, there can be no relationships associated with the supplier. To delete a relationship, there can be no programs associated with the relationship. In addition, the user must have full administrator rights to perform this function.

To delete a supplier:

  1. Navigate to the Admin tab.
  2. Select the “Delete Objects” link under the Data Management grouping.
  3. Select the type of object from the Object Type drop-down.
  4. If an object is able to be deleted, it will appear in the list. Click the checkbox of the object to delete and click the Delete button.

A Supplier record cannot be deleted once an active program and/or relationship is associated with it.  If a supplier is associated to a relationship – and is not enrolled in any programs, you can only delete the supplier once you’ve deleted the relationship.  If you have enrolled the relationship (and/or supplier) in a program then, you cannot delete either the relationship or the supplier.