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Organization Units Management

Clients have the option to set their list of Organization Units from within the Admin tab instead of utilizing the Quick Create function. Setting Org Units on the backend can be useful in helping users of the application to have a pre-defined list of Org Units to choose from, rather than creating their own and running the chance of multiple types of Org Units (i.e., AMER, Americas).

Configuration Options:

  • Name (the display name for the Organization unit)
  • Type (the classification the client assigns to represent the different ways the client organizes its company)
  • Description (a brief explanation of the purpose of the organization unit)
  • Status ( indicates whether or not the organization unit is active and available to the workflow)
  • The dropdown list designations are client customizable.  Drop down lists need to be populated using Set-up Data Management in the Admin Tab.  
    • Type - Setup Data Type:  OrganizationType
  • Administrator privileges are required to create setup data.

Creating Organization Units

The process for creating organization units is:

  1. Navigate to the Admin tab.
  2. The Administration page will display. Select the “Organization Units Management” link under the Company Information and Settings grouping.
  3. The Organizations page will display. Select New.
  4. The Organization Management page will display. Enter all required fields and any optional fields you wish.
  5. Click Save to save the organization unit.
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