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Setup Data Type Management

Setup Data Type Management is used to create new or maintain existing field types with more than one value. For example, a customer wants to add a new setup data type field to appear on the supplier record of type Commodity Group. The new Commodity Group field type would be created from within the Setup Data Type Management page, then the user choices (dropdown list) associated with this new Commodity Group field would be added in the Setup Data Management page.

Configuration Options:

  • Code (field name for the dropdown selection data type)
  • Parent Code (used to define parent/child hierarchy for setup data values)
  • Description (a brief explanation of the purpose of the setup data type)

Creating Setup Data Types

The process for creating setup data types is:

  1. Navigate to the Admin tab.
  2. The Administration page will display. Select the “Setup Data Type Management” link under the Configuration Data Management grouping.
  3. The Setup Data Types page will display. Select New.
  4. The Custom Setup Data Types page will display. Enter all required fields and any optional fields preferred.
  5. Click Save to save the setup data types.


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