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Supplier Index Configuration

Supplier Index configuration allows the user to select and set ”speedometer style” gauges for a variety of different data in order to view a high level profile of a single supplier.

The supplier profile includes a display of between one (1) and six (6) speedometer style gauges at the top of the page. These gauges are configurable with regard to the specific type and category of program data that drives the gauge, as well as the scales, color schemes, ranges, and calculations of the value displayed.

Other sections of the supplier profile display: 

  • Relationships under management
  • Risk assessments
  • Compliance attestations
  • Performance appraisals

Configuration Options:

  • Number of Indices (the number of indices that have been created to manage suppliers)
  • Label (display name for the index)
  • Driver ( the type of program from which data is gathered to compute the index)
  • Calculation (determine how the scores for the programs will be combined to compute the aggregate score across programs)
  • Category (specifies the program category within the selected program type)
  • Performance Minimum for Green Rating (lower boundary of the aggregate score range for a green rating range in the dashboard gauge)
  • Performance Maximum for Red Rating (upper boundary of the aggregate score for a red rating range in the dashboard gauge)
  • Gauge Style (defines the format (look and feel) of the gauge display in the summary)
  • Major Tickmark Count (defines the scale of the numbers displayed on the dial in the gauge display)

Configuring Supplier Indices

The process for configuring a suppler index is:

  1. Navigate to the Admin tab.
  2. The Administration page will display. Select the “Supplier Index Configuration” link under the Configuration Data Management grouping.
  3. The Supplier Index Configuration page will display. Select Edit.
  4. Select the number of indices to populate. One row of data items for each of the indices is displayed on the page.  Enter the required data and any additional data you wish to enter. 
  5. Click Save to save the indices.
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