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Configuration Files

On every supplier detail page, there is a link at the top right of the page labeled “Supplier Summary.” This link opens a formatted display page that can present supplier data, graphics, and associated data in practically any format imaginable. This display page is sometimes referred to as a “tear sheet” because you would “tear this summary off the printer” and take it into a meeting with you.

The configuration of this page is controlled by a definition file called a style sheet. Clients can create their own style sheets, and upload them with the Configuration Files capability to control the format of these supplier summaries. Style sheets are written using a convention called XSL or eXtensible Style sheet Language (this was formerly called XSL-FO or XSL-Formatting Objects).

If so desired, Coupa Client Services will work with the client to create the proper structure and definition of the elements in the style sheet so that the supplier summary is displayed as required.

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