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Life Cycle Status Management

Clients have the option on the Supplier record to set a “life cycle status” for each entity in their client environment. These life cycle categories can be defined by each client based on their company sourcing policies and procedures, and are created from within the Life Cycle Status Management section of the Admin tab.

While LifeCycleStatusID can be utilized within an Information Management Program to create an Information Management Component, the same functionality is not available for Engagements or Relationships. 

Configuration Options:

  • Lifecycle Name (display name of the stage of the sourcing process in which the supplier is categorized 
  • Status (indicates whether or not the lifecycle is active and available to the workflow. setup can be set up in advance and left inactive until it is ready to be used)
  • Type (indicates the object to which the lifecycle status applies: Supplier) 
  • Description (a brief explanation of the purpose of the lifecycle status)

Example supplier life cycle statuses are:

  • Candidate
  • Registered
  • Approved
  • Preferred
  • Rejected

Creating Supplier Life Cycle Status

The process for creating a supplier life cycle status is:

  1. Navigate to the Admin tab.
  2. The Administration page will display. Select the “Supplier Life Cycle Status Management” link under the Configuration Data Management grouping.
  3. The Supplier Life Cycle Status Management page will display. Select New.
  4. Enter the status name and description. 
  5. Click Save to save the life cycle status.
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