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Data Dictionary Management - Localize an Object

Both Standard and user defined object configuration can be localized via the object management grids (Admin tab > Configuration Data Management section > Data Dictionary Management – Objects link).

To localize an object, follow the steps below.

Go to Admin > Configuration Data ManagementData Dictionary Management - Object.

RA - Access Data Dictionary.png

On the “Data Dictionary Object Management” page, the object grid is populated by a list of all standard and UDOs.

RA - Data Dictionary Add Object.png

Search/Filter/Sort the grid for an object to edit.

RA - Data Dictionary Edit Object.png

Click the lightning bolt icon next to the object name.

RA - Data Dictionary Add Object Lightning Bolt.png

In order to avoid inconsistencies in the configuration of the same object across culture, only the Display Name and Reporting Display Name are available for localization for both standard and UDOs.

RA - Localize Object Screen.png

Click the Save button to save the UDO. Or, click the Cancel button to exit without saving.