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Data Dictionary Management - Create a copy of a User Defined Field (UDF)

Copies of existing UDFs can be created using the ‘Save As’ function, which allows the user to save the current settings of a UDF and creates a clone or copy, The user can then rename it, so that a new record can be created from duplicating the current UDF.

To create a new UDF using the Save As function, follow the steps below.

Go to Admin > Configuration Data Management > Data Dictionary Management - Fields.

RA - Access Data Dictionary.png

The Data Dictionary Fields Management page will display with the object grid populated with the list of all standard and UDFs across objects.

RA - DD new UDF screen no arrow.png

Search/Filter/Sort the grid for the field you would like to copy.

RA - Save As UDF.png

Click the Save As RA -  Save as icon.png icon next to the field name. Click the Save button to save the field. Or, click the Cancel button to exit without saving.