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Reporting Display Name Warning


Risk Assess now provides a warning for administrators who want to change a reporting display name in the data dictionary. This new warning includes a list of all affected reports which may be downloaded for reference if any corrections are required after a reporting display name is changed.

Previously, if a reporting display name was changed, reports that refer to the changed display name failed without explanation. This feature provides Risk Assess administrators with visibility into potential reporting errors so they may diagnose and resolve this issue quickly.

How it works

As a Risk Assess administrator, go to Admin > Configuration Data Management > Data Dictionary Management - Fields. Select a Field Name to view the Data Dictionary Field Management page.


Scroll down to Culture Settings and click the Reporting Display Name field. The Change Report Display Name warning pops up.


This warning notifies you about the number of reports that are affected by the Report Display Name change. If you click the arrow icon next to the number of affected files, a list of all affected reports will display.


You may also click the download icon at the bottom left of the popup to download a text file that lists all the affected reports. This text file is meant for reference only—you may not upload this list back into Risk Assess.

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