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Coupa User ID Import


Risk Assess administrators may now use the User Import CSV template to import and configure single sign-on (SSO) logins for Coupa customers with a Risk Assess license in bulk.

If the Coupa SSO field is blank on the User Import CSV template, it will not override a user's Coupa SSO field if that user's field contains a value.

What we were thinking

SSO technology allows Coupa customers with a Risk Assess license to sign in once to access the Risk Assess application. The new User Import CSV template equips Risk Assess administrators with the ability to easily import and configure SSO for users in bulk to provide an integrated and seamless experience for users who navigate between multiple Coupa applications.

How it works

To access the User Import CSV template, go to Resources > Libraries > Import Templates.

RA - Import Templates Resources arrow.png

Select User Import Template from the list and click Download This Document to download the User Import Template CSV.

RA - Download User Import Template.png

In this CSV, you will find the SSOUsername field in column AF. 

RA - SSO Username CSV.png

With this CSV, you may use the SSOUsername field to update the Coupa Username field for users in bulk.

Blank values in the SSOUsername field will not override a user's Coupa SSO field if it contains a value.

Upgrade impact

Roles and permissions 





This feature will be available for all Risk Assess users.

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