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Risk Assess - Coupa Username Field


The Coupa Username field has been added to the User grid. This field allows users to see the Coupa Username associated with each user within this grid.

What we were thinking

SSO technology allows Coupa customers with a Risk Assess license to sign in once to access the Risk Assess application. The Coupa Username field allows Risk Assess administrators with the ability to easily view the Coupa username—if it exists—for each Risk Assess user. This field will allow administrators to easily configure SSO for users to provide an integrated and seamless experience for users who navigate between multiple Coupa applications.

How it works

Go to Admin > User Management and Security > User Management to view the User grid.

RA - User Grid edit.png

To view Coupa Username as a column in the grid, right click on any field header > Columns > select Coupa Username

RA - Coupa Username Column arrow.png

The Coupa Username column will be added to the User grid. You can drag and drop this column to any position on the grid.

RA - Coupa Username example.png

This fields in this column display a user's Coupa Username if it exists. If the user does not have a Coupa Username, this field will be blank.

Upgrade impact

Roles and permissions 





This feature will be available for all Risk Assess users.


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