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Risk Assess Scores to Risk Aware


Risk Assess supplier risk scores may now be referenced in Approval Chain conditions, supplier record, and Risk Aware Supplier Health.

To support a seamless user experience between Coupa's core and power applications, Risk Assess supplier risk scores may now be referenced in the Risk Assess Panel App feature. Now, supplier risk scores are readily available for use in Approval Chain conditions, supplier records, and Risk Aware Supplier Health. Now, Coupa users can get a broader 360-degree view of the supplier with which they are working in Coupa.

How it works

SIM and Risk Assess must be integrated for you to properly configure Risk Assess scores for use in Approval Chain conditions, supplier records, and Risk Aware Supplier Health. See SIM and Risk Assess Integration for more information.

New Risk Assess standard scorable fields

Risk Assess now includes two new standard supplier scorable fields in the Data Dictionary. These new fields are Active by default:

  • Inherent Risk
  • Residual Risk

To view these fields, go to Admin > Configuration Data Management > Data Dictionary Management - Fields.

Inherent Risk Residual Risk
CRA - Inherent Risk.png CRA - Residual Risk.png

These fields can be mapped to a rating range that can be referenced in the Risk Assess Panel App. The Risk Assess Panel App can be used in Approval Chain conditions, supplier records, and Risk Aware Supplier Health.

To ensure these fields are standard for all users, it is not possible to import data into the Inherent Risk and Residual Risk fields.

Rating range

As part of R27, Risk Assess super admin users have access to a new setup data code called StdRiskRating.

Please contact Coupa Support for assistance in configuring the rating range.

Set up scorable fields in a program

To set up the new fields, create a program and add a new component called Set Value to Scorable Field. This component posts a numeric rating in Risk Assess based on a score from programs to the new standard fields. When it is referenced in the Panel App, it will be translated to High, Medium, or Low.

Currently, this component only pulls a program score and populates the numeric value.

Here, you set the Object Selection field to either Inherent Risk or Residual Risk. Be sure to create a new component for each field you want to include in your program.

Field Selection

Score Level Selection

Program, Section, or Line

Object Selection Supplier, Relationship, or Engagement
Object Field Selection

Residual Risk or Inherent Risk

You must create a separate component for each of these selections.

updated scorable fields.png

Now, when your program runs, your risk scores will display numerically in Risk Assess and automatically pushed and translated to High, Medium, or Low to the Risk Assess Panel App for each supplier, relationship, or engagement.

RR-IR Fields.png

Panel App

Risk Assess is included as a Panel App that allows the Risk Assess scorable fields to be referenced in other Coupa applications. In Coupa, go to Setup > Platform > App Directory and enable the Risk Assess Panel App to begin referencing supplier risk fields in Approval Chain conditions, supplier records, and Risk Aware Supplier Health.

CRA - Panel App.png

For detailed info for how to configure a Panel App, see Create a Panel App.

The Risk Assess panel app on the supplier record now includes Inherent Risk Score and Residual Risk Score.

Supplier - CRA Risk Scores.png

See SIM and Risk Assess Integration for more information on how to configure and use SIM and Risk Assess together.

Approval Chain

Risk Assess supplier risk scores can now be referenced in the following Approval Chain conditions: 

  • Add Invoice Chain
  • Add Requisition Chain
  • Add Supplier Information Form Chain

Risk Assess-Approval-Chain-Fields.png

See Approval Chains and Hierarchies for more information.

Risk Aware Supplier Health

In Risk Aware, the new Inherent Risk Score and Residual Risk Score fields from Risk Assess can be used to calibrate a Supplier's Risk Score in Supplier Health.

CRA - Supplier Health.png

Each field can be adjusted by weight to calculate a supplier's overall risk score. See Risk Aware Supplier Health for more information on how to manage a supplier health score.


This feature is part of Risk Assess. It is off by default. To turn it on, you must enable Risk Assess as a Panel App in the App Directory and a license for the applications listed in the Feature Overview. If you want to get Risk Assess, contact your Coupa representative.

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