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Risk Assess User Import Update


Risk Assess now has updated User Sync functionality that includes newly defined mandatory fields, non-editable fields, and error reporting.

What we were thinking

SSO technology allows Coupa customers with a Risk Assess license to sign in once to access the Risk Assess application. The updated User Sync functionality allows Risk Assess administrators to provide an integrated and seamless experience for users who navigate between multiple Coupa applications.

How it works

Mandatory fields

The following fields are mandatory to run a Coupa User Import with the User Import Template:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Coupa Username
  • Coupa User ID

Non-editable fields

After a Risk Assess administrator runs a Coupa User Import with the User Import Template, certain fields for previously synced users will not update. These fields include:

  • Username
  • First name
  • Last Name
  • Email, Status    
  •     Coupa Username
  • Business Ext 
  •  Mobile
  • Home
  • Fax
  • Mailing Address
  • City
  • State/Province
  • Postal Code
  • County

When a Coupa User Import is complete, you will see three sections:

  • New Data
  • Update Data
  • Problem Data

Synced user records in the New Data or Updated Data sections that contain non-editable fields will display and highlight those fields. In addition, the following message appears below the New Data section:

Any field highlighted in yellow above will not be updated via the user import template due to this user being a SSO synced user with Coupa Enterprise.

CRA - Non-editable fields.png

Error reporting

After a Risk Assess administrator runs a Coupa User Import, any data that cannot be updated due to mismatches on certain fields is recorded to a CSV file and sent to the Default Site Administrator of the Risk Assess tenant.

The CSV file is titled User Sync Error Report - [Tenant Name] - [Report Date] and includes the date that the sync failed and all of the original data from Coupa along with the following Risk Assess fields:

  • Username
  • Coupa Username
  • Email

The Default Site Administrator can be found in the Admin page of the Risk Assess tenant under the Company Information > Settings.

CRA - Default Site Admin.png


This feature is available for all Risk Assess users.

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