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Inherent Risk and Residual Risk - Engagements and Relationships


The Inherent Risk and Residual Risk scorable fields are available for use in engagements and relationships. Because relationships are created from an awarded engagement, risk scores for an engagement can be rolled up to a relationship record. The relationship score can then be carried to the supplier record.

Risk Assess users can rest assured knowing that Inherent and Residual Risk information is even more accurate now since risk is typically calculated risk at the relationship level and not just at a supplier level.

How it works

Enhanced Risk Assess standard scorable fields 

In R28, Risk Assess includes enhancements to the Set Value to Scorable Field component. You may now select your score level to be based on:

  • Program
  • Section
  • Line
Relationship object selection Engagement object selection
updated scorable fields.png Engagement Object.png

In addition, the Inherent Risk and Residual Risk standard scorable fields now support engagements and relationships in addition to the supplier support introduced in R27.

These enhancements are active by default. See Risk Assess Scores to Risk Aware for details on how to set up and reference the inherent and residual risk scores in Approval Chain conditions, supplier record, and Risk Aware Supplier Health.

Risk Roll Up component

Risk Assess now includes a new program component called Risk Roll Up that allows you to roll up risk scores from multiple relationships to a supplier.

Risk Roll Up Component.png

In this component, you may select Inherent Risk and Residual Risk field scores from up to 4 relationships, calculate the Average, Max, or Min values of these scores, and display a numerical risk score to the supplier's page.

You must create an additional component for each relationship you wish to include on your roll up.

When your scores are rolled up, they will appear on the Supplier Details page in the Inherent Risk and Residual Risk fields.

RR-IR Fields.png

New Risk Assess license for Coupa users

In order to get full access to these features, you'll need to assign your Coupa users with the new Risk Assess license on the user record. You can find the license setting on Coupa by going to Setup > Company Setup > Users and editing the desired user. Under the Licensing section, select the Risk Assess license checkbox.

Additional resources

For more information on how to set up and reference the inherent and residual risk scores in Approval Chain conditions, supplier record, and Risk Aware Supplier Health, see Risk Assess Scores to Risk Aware.


This feature is part of Risk Assess. It is off by default. To turn it on, you must enable Risk Assess as a Panel App in the App Directory and a license for the applications listed in Risk Assess Scores to Risk Aware. If you want to get Risk Assess, contact your Coupa representative.

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