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Risk Assess Features by Release

The following table gives an overview of the Risk Assess features introduced in various Coupa releases.

Release Feature Description
Version car29.0 Globalization Enhancements

Risk Assess now allows administrators to set the default currency and the default culture on a tenant.

Grid Enhancements

Risk Assess features grid enhancements in R29 that allow customers to create a custom view on the Supplier, Relationship, and Engagement tabs.

Reporting Display Name Warning

Risk Assess now provides a warning for administrators who want to change a reporting display name in the data dictionary.

Supplier Sync Enhancements

In R29, Coupa introduces a one-time sync of suppliers from Coupa Enterprise Supplier Record to Risk Assess.

Updated Country/Region Fields

To support more customers in more regions, standard Country fields are now updated to Country/Region for new tenants.

Version cra28.3 Parent Child Setup Selection component enhancement

The Parent Child Setup Selection component now includes a Hide Scores option that:

  • Hides the score value on the object, programs, and reporting when selected

  • Displays the score value on the object, program, and reporting when not selected

Hide Scores is not selected by default.

Version cra28.2 Updated Email Branding In R28, emails from Risk Assess are now redesigned to follow Coupa's standard email structure. The new email design includes the Coupa logo and an updated layout. In addition, the email design will be compatible with all current email clients.
Version cra28.0.1 Enhanced risk scoring for engagements and relationships In R28, the newest scorable fields in Risk Assess, Inherent Risk and Residual Risk, are available for use in engagements and relationships.
Enhanced Birst user management

Tenant administrators may now manage users from the Birst system via the Group Management page in the following way:

  • Birst users may now be re-activated on the Birst system if the user was added back into the "Analytics User" and "Analytics Designer User" groups after being previously removed from the groups and inactivated on the Birst system.

Version cra20.8 Add Birst users

On the User Management or Group Management page, when a tenant administrator adds a user to the “Analytics User” group, that user is automatically added to the “Dashboard” Birst group.

Similarly, when the tenant administrator adds a user to the “Analytics Designer User” group, that user is automatically added to the “Designer” Birst group.

Remove or disable Birst users

Tenant administrators may delete/remove users from the Birst system via the Group Management page.

Release 27 Risk Assess Scores to Risk Aware Risk Assess supplier risk scores may now be rolled up for use in Approval Chain conditions, supplier record, and Risk Aware Supplier Health.
Risk Assess to Coupa Sourcing Connection

Version cra20.4

Create Action Plan from Object Update

The Create Action Plan from Object component includes the following updates:

  • Priority is now a required field.
    • This field no longer pulls data from setup data. Rather, it is a dropdown menu of setup data dropdown fields.
  • Due Date is a new required field.
    • This field will pull data from a user-defined field (UDF).

Version cra20.1.0

Risk Assess Single Sing-On (SSO) Update
Quick Action Plans

As of January 10, 2020, all Coupa Risk Assess customers will receive access to the Quick Action Plan (QAP) feature. QAP is supplemental to the existing Action Plans and it does not affect existing functionality.

The QAP feature is now the default method for users to add Action Items to an Action Plan. QAP condenses the 4-page Action Plan wizard into a single, streamlined form.

Release 26 Action Plans enhancements for Issues Management
Approval Page Enhancements
New Shared Risk Templates
SIM and Risk Assess Integration Risk Assess is now integrated with Supplier Information Management (SIM). Now, SIM users may seamlessly create a Risk Assess supplier and begin a risk assessment from within the SIM application.
Version cra19.11.0 Actionable Content relocation Actionable Content now located at the top of the Resources page above Forums.
Create Action Plan from Object component

In Action Plans, the Create Action Plan from Object component has been enhanced to allow Risk Assess admins to pull object-based data straight from the component.

Admins can now select an Object and a User Defined Object (UDO) associated with that object. Previous to this release, this component only allowed admins to create a pre-defined Action Plan.

Version cra19.10.0 Info Profile Component - Reporting Selection

Components included in Info Profile now have an option to include the component in reporting. This feature allows the Info Profile fact table to be available in reporting.

Version cra19.9.0 


Coupa User ID Import

Risk Assess administrators may now use the User Import CSV template to import and configure single sign-on (SSO) logins for Coupa users with a Risk Assess license in bulk.

Note: If the Coupa SSO field is blank on the User Import CSV template, it will not override a user's populated Coupa SSO field.

Coupa Username Field The Coupa Username field has been added to the User grid. This field allows users to see the Coupa Username associated with each user within this grid.
Version r19.8 New fields on the Action Items grid The following fields have been added to the Risk Assess Action Items grid: Initiator, Assignee, Approver, and Assignment (Internal/Supplier). These fields allow users to quickly filter their action items directly in the grid.
Release 25 Action Plan Issues Management

Risk Assess now features two new fields that allow users to detect a status change and adjust supplier risk levels within an Action Plan.

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