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Introduction to Risk Assess

Risk Assess enables companies to overcome the challenges of managing business relationships with their third parties—the vast network of service providers and suppliers that are delivering mission-critical core services to the organization. Risk Assess provides companies with the capability and collective knowledge to build efficient and effective enterprise- and relationship-based management programs for strategic third parties. These programs are designed to reduce costs, lower business risks and drive improved company performance.

Risk Assess provides a flexible workflow-based platform designed to:

  • Automate the communication and dissemination of information and tasks to internal and/or external parties associated with the compliance, and performance management processes.
  • Automate sharing, management and monitoring of third party information.
  • Automate measurement/management of internal business processes.
  • Automate monitoring and management of compliance, performance and risk using a sophisticated, exception-based platform.

The Risk Assess dashboard reporting and notification capabilities are designed to keep the appropriate user informed of issues while helping them monitor suppliers and supplier impact to the customer organization.

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