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Risk Assess Known Issues

Every attempt is being made to ensure the application is free of issues. Periodically, issues arise where an immediate fix is a bit more complicated and more time is needed to ensure that a quality fix is delivered. Following is a list of known issues on our radar.

Last Updated

December 11, 2020

Issue Description Case Number
Program Workbench - Edit button error

An error occurs in the Program Workbench grid when users attempt to edit a program by clicking the Edit icon (edit-icon.png ) in the grid.

As a workaround, you can edit a program enrollment by clicking the View button to go to the enrollment page and then click the Edit button in the top-right corner of the page.

Salesforce Case: 00705437

Development Ref: 61257
Program Rules - Setup Data Checkbox condition error

If the Setup Data Checkbox component is selected as an object, the rule condition is automatically set to Equals. Due to a known issue, if you change the condition to In, you will see an incorrect list in the Values section. In addition, if you change the condition back to Equals, Risk Assess returns an error.

As a workaround, please use the Equals condition in place of the In condition for the Setup Data Checkbox component.”

Salesforce Case: 00563978

Development Ref: 47295

Error on editing orphaned records that are navigated to via the application search bar.

Issue: If a user-defined object (UDO) is found via search and the UDO's parent object was deleted, then editing and saving the child (orphan) UDO will cause the application to hang.

Salesforce Case: 00087039, 00087269

Development Ref: 2771

Program launch error

Issue: Program fails to launch if the Assignment Defaults are set to a group, and one of the group members has their out-of-office notification (OOO) set to delegate to a group.

Workaround: It is recommended that users delegate their OOO to a single user. Once the OOO is changed, the enrollment can be set to Active and the programs relaunched.

Salesforce Case: 00089852
Development Ref: 2830

Display name updates in reporting

Issue: When the reporting display name is changed in the data dictionary, the change is not reflected in reporting. 

Workaround: All reports that reference the field in columns and filters MUST be updated to leverage the new reporting display name. 


Multi-session login error

Issue: Logging into Risk Assess using the same user ID and password with more than one session open at the same time, whether across browsers or within the same browser is not supported. 

Workaround: Only use one session at a time.


Reporting display name error

Issue: Reporting page occasionally displays the data source names instead of the Display Names when the page loads faster than the data is retrieved.

Workaround: Clear the Izenda (reporting) cache.

Salesforce Case: 00057215

Development Ref: 1618


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