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Risk Assess Single Sign-On (SSO)


Coupa customers with a Risk Assess license have single sign-on (SSO) access to Risk Assess from the Suppliers tab in the navigation bar.

SSO technology allows Coupa customers with a Risk Assess license to sign in once to access the Risk Assess application. SSO provides an integrated and seamless experience for users who navigate between multiple Coupa applications.

How it works

Manage SSO users

Coupa administrators can create, update, or deactivate users of both Coupa and Risk Assess. Changes made to a user's account within the Coupa application automatically synchronizes with that user's Risk Assess account.

The Coupa Username field in a user's account helps support Coupa administrators to easily manage users from a single location, improving usability for both Coupa administrators and Risk Assess users. This reduces the number of manual steps involved with managing users, reduces the potential for human error, and improves usability for all involved.


Coupa administrators who manage users with both a Coupa license and a Risk Assess license are able to create, update, or deactivate a user's account solely within Coupa.

As long as a user's Coupa username matches their Coupa Username field in Risk Assess (Admin > User Management > View a user), changes within a Coupa user's account automatically synchronizes their Risk Assess account.

Because user accounts only syncs from Coupa to Risk Assess, all user account management must take place within the Coupa application. Changes made to a Risk Assess account do not sync back to Coupa.

See Link Risk Assess Users to Coupa Account for more information about Risk Assess user sync.

Login via SSO

SSO allows Coupa customers to seamlessly navigate between applications with a single Coupa account.

Customers with a Risk Assess license can access the application by going to Suppliers > Risk Assess in the navigation menu.

Risk Assess Nav Bar Screenshot.png

The Risk Assess link sends customers straight to their Risk Assess dashboards without an additional login screen.

If a user is set up for user sync in Coupa, then that user cannot log in via the Risk Assess login page. These users may only log in via single sign-on (SSO) from Coupa.

You can learn more about Coupa SSO on the Single Sign-On FAQ page.