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Risk Assess Supplier Sync


Supplier Sync allows suppliers in Coupa Core Supplier Record to sync to Risk Assess as part of an ongoing process to improve suite synergy between Coupa applications. When supplier sync is initially enabled it will sync all suppliers from the Coupa Core supplier record to Risk Assess. And continuous sync will allow new suppliers to automatically sync to Risk Assess. All suppliers that are synced into Risk Assess come with a new status of "Ready to Activate."

Supplier Sync helps customers to reduce their efforts to get existing supplier records from Coupa Core into Risk Assess, saving our customers valuable time and improving the quality of data across Coupa.

How it works

Enable supplier sync

To enable supplier sync from Coupa Core to Risk Assess, log into Risk Assess and go to Admin > Company Information and Settings. Click the Edit button and set the Supplier Sync field to Enabled.

cra-supplier sync.png

Now, all suppliers with one of the following statuses in the Enterprise Supplier Record automatically have a record created for them in Risk Assess:

  • Active
  • Inactive
  • Evaluating
  • Onboarding

Suppliers with a Draft status will not sync. Suppliers must have one of the above statuses to be included in the sync.

Initial Synced Fields

  • Supplier Name
  • Proxy ID
  • Internal Account Manager
  • External Supplier Manager

When new suppliers are created in Coupa Core, new suppliers are automatically added to Risk Assess.

If the Name field is updated in Coupa Core supplier record, the Corporate Name field in Risk Assess is automatically updated. 

The Internal Account Manager and External Supplier Manager contact fields do not update in Risk Assess after supplier's initial sync.


For External Supplier Manager (also called Enterprise External User), the Supplier Contact fields are required. The external email must be unique—Risk Assess does not allow External Users with the same email.


New Status

All suppliers synced from Coupa Core to Risk Assess have a new status called “Ready to Activate”. Users must update this status to “Active” to run rules and programs.  

Supplier sync errors

If issues arise during the supplier sync process, Risk Assess administrators may diagnose the issue on the new Supplier Sync Errors page. Go to Admin > Migration Utilities > Supplier Sync Errors to access this page.


Here, you can view the following to help you diagnose supplier sync errors:

  • Name of the supplier
  • ProxyID of the supplier
  • Name of the specific Error
  • Message relevant to the error
  • The Date the error was created

You may also click the Export to Excel button at the top-left portion of the grid. This allows you to download the list of errors so that you can easily read and share it with others.

Risk Assess needs to be enabled and configured to Coupa for these features to work successfully. See Risk Assess Single Sign-On (SSO) for more information. 


This enhancement is available for Risk Assess customers with a Coupa Core license. It is off by default. If you want to get Risk Assess, contact your Coupa representative.

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