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Risk Assess Reference Guides and Resources

General reference guides

Reference Guide Description
Contract Management This document gives an overview of how Risk Assess can help companies to manage contracts.
Controls Module Reference Guide

The Risk Assess Controls Module enables customers to analyze, evaluate, and manage the IT processes and associated third parties of an organization. This reference guide provides an overview of the module's features and functionality.

Dashboard Widget Manual This manual shows users how to add and the functionality of the different widgets that are available to them in Risk Assess.
Data Dictionary Reference Guide The Data Dictionary Management Reference Guide contains a detailed description of the Data Dictionary Management features.
Email Notification Reference Guide The Email Notification Reference Guide describes the various email messages generated by Risk Assess as a result of normal workflow and processing, and whether they are directly customizable by the user, or whether they require Customer Support.
Export Assessments to PDF

This document provides an overview of how to export an assessment and how to save it as a PDF. 

Localization Reference Guide The Risk Assess Localization Reference Guide is designed to provide an overview of the localization capabilities within the application. 
Migration Utilities Reference Guide The Migration Utilities in Risk Assess are designed to transfer groups of User Defined Fields (UDFs), User Defined Objects (UDOs), emails, programs, enrollment rules, assignment defaults setup data, and setup data types, from a customer’s Staging environment to their Production environment.
Native Login and Single Sign-On Reference Guide

This reference guide is intended for Coupa staff for the purpose of briefly describing native login and providing in-depth details and steps about the Single Sign-On function available within the application.

Risk Assess Program Component Reference Guide This Program Component Reference Guide covers how to create, edit, and use components, as well as the fundamental definition of each type of component and its associated configuration options in Risk Assess. 
Quick Integration Setup Guide Risk Assess Quick Integration provides the same import functionality exposed via Risk Assess accessible via an HTTP POST. This allows for automated processes to upload files either ad hoc or on a recurring schedule without user intervention.
Risk Assess Reference Guide 3-21.pdf The Risk Assess Reference Guide provides procedural instructions on the features and functions within Risk Assess.
Reporting Reference Guide

This reference manual provides important details for comprehending the underlying structure of the Reporting database and tool within Risk Assess.

System Permissions Reference Guide This guidebook is intended to provide details and clarification of available system permissions settings, including Risk Assess defaults.
Terms and Conditions Authoring Reference Guide In alignment with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and to better ensure our customers’ ability to capture the consent of their users, Coupa has created a Terms & Conditions (Ts&Cs) tool in Risk Assess.
Web Services Cookbook This document provides an overview of the Risk Assess web services integration (SOAP API), how they should be used, and how to interact with them.
Widget Reference Guide This reference guide defines each available widget and how it's utilized in Risk Assess.

Integration reference guides

Reference Guide Description
BitSight Integration Reference Guide BitSight is an optional data source for cybersecurity ratings that can be used within Risk Assess. This document outlines the steps required for initial setup as well as the steps for customers to access and manage data.
C6 Reference Guide

C6 is available as an optional data source within Risk Assess in support of the Anti-Bribery and Corruption business process. 

This reference guide outlines the customer's and Coupa's steps required to set up a C6 integration.

Dow Jones Integration Reference Guide

This document outlines how to configure an integration for Dow Jones in Coupa Risk Assess.

RapidRatings Reference Guide

RapidRatings data can be used as an integrated part of the risk evaluation of a company (supplier or third-party). The data that is retrieved by the integration can be incorporated into Risk Assess evaluations for manual or automated scoring processes.

Use this reference guide to understand RapidRatings within Risk Assess. 

RiskRecon Reference Guide

RiskRecon enables customers to control third-party risk by providing vendor security assessments that are comprehensive, actionable, and available on demand.

Refinitiv TRWorld-Check One Integration Reference Guide This document describes how Risk Assess can integrate with Refinitiv TRWorld-Check One.

Admin reference

Resource Description
Custom Admin Group Form Complete this form to create any desired Custom Admin Groups. Once completed, please submit this form to your Coupa Client Services or Support Representative.
Default Dashboard Form

This is the Internal/External Dashboard Request Form. Once completed, please submit this form to your Coupa Client Services or Support Representative.

Engagement Summary Template

This file may be used to customize your Engagement Summary.

Engagement Summary Template PDF

This file may be used to customize your Engagement Summary.

Evaluation Default HTML This is the HTML Evaluation Default file.
Evaluation Default PDF This is the XSL Evaluation Default file.
Failed Email Delivery This document will be used to for assistance when a user has reported that they did not receive an email sent through Risk Assess. The following scenarios should provide the information needed to find and address where an email is trapped.
Ongoing Tenant Management Reference Guide This document is the On-going Tenant Management reference guide.

Risk Assess User Adoption Guide

The Risk Assess User Adoption Guide is intended to provide insight into how to drive and increase user adoption of the application.
Risk Assess Table of Field Definitions This is an Excel file that contains definitions for all Risk Assess fields.
Relationship Summary Template

This file may be used to customize your Relationship Summary.

Relationship Summary Template PDF

This file may be used to customize your Relationship Summary.

Report Request Form This is the new report request form. Please submit to support when you would need a new report created, or an existing report changed.
Show XML

This file allows you to enable the "Export to PDF" function. After downloading the file from the community, upload it to "Configuration Files" under the Admin Tab as an HTML output format type.

Supplier Summary Template

This file may be used to customize your Supplier Summary.

Supplier Summary Template PDF

This file may be used to customize your Supplier Summary.

Tips for Avoiding the SPAM Filter Refer to this document for tips on avoiding email SPAM filters.
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