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Organizing the Grid

To begin organizing the Risk Assess grid, right-click on any column heading within a grid to displays the following menu.

RA - Grid Filter.png

  • Choosing the Columns menu option presents all available columns (including User Defined Fields, or UDFs) that the user can choose to display in the grid. Once chosen, these columns can then be included in the filter/search criteria.
  • To add/remove columns, right-click on any column heading, select Columns in the menu and indicate via checkbox the preferred column labels to add/remove.
  • To reorder columns, click the column heading, then drag and drop the column into the preferred location.
  • Clicking any column (field) heading toggles the sort order of the list in ascending or descending order. To sort the grid in ascending or descending order, click on the heading of the preferred column. An arrow will appear to the right of the column heading to indicate the sort order.
  • Use the Refresh button to reload the grid.
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