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Coupa Success Portal

Navigating the Grid

Users can set the number of rows the grid displays per page by setting the “Results Per Page” option in their profile (General Settings page). Users have the ability to dynamically change the pagination on a per-page basis from the grid footer.

RA - Grid Nav.png

The pagination control can be used to go to a specific page or to change the number of rows displayed on one page.

To change the number of rows that appear on each page of the grid, follow these steps:

  1. Enter a numeric value in the Page Size field located at the bottom of the grid.
  2. Click the Change button to display the entered number of records on each page.
  3. Navigating to a specific page can be accomplished in one of two ways. You can:
    • Click the directional arrow buttons in the bottom left of the grid.
    • Enter a page number in the Page field and click the Go button.


Clicking returns the user to the first page of the grid. Clicking  returns the user to the previous page of the grid. Clicking  displays the next page of the grid. Clicking  displays the last page of the grid.

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