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Risk Assess Out of Office Settings

Evaluations and Approvals are routed to the user’s delegate when the original user is set to “Out of Office” under their Profile. The evaluation/approval can be delegated up to five times to find a user who is not out of office. The evaluation/approval remains on the fifth user’s dashboard for them to complete when they return.

Select Out of Office Settings to view/edit out of office settings (delegation).

RA - Out of Office.png

The expected behavior is for the delegated-to user (not the original evaluator) to receive the delegation/program approval notifications. Action Plan items assigned to users who have their Out of Office setting enabled are routed to their configured delegated user. The Action Plan item is routed up to five times to find a user. If the fifth user is out-of-office, then the Action Plan item will remain on their dashboard to complete upon their return.

When a user has their Out of Office setting enabled, out of office verbiage is appended to the user’s name in each user selector dropdown list (i.e., Action Plan wizard, delegation wizards, program enrollment).

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