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Document Locker

The Document Locker is a central repository where the user can download output for a report that takes longer than 45 seconds to run.

Following is a description of the locker process:

  1. If a report cannot complete within 45 seconds, a pop-up message displays, stating that the report will be sent to the locker, and prompts the user to enter a name for the report.
  2. The report continues to generate in the background and, once completed, is placed in the locker to download and view.
  3. An alert then appears, notifying the user that the report will be available in the locker.
  4. Once in the locker, an email is sent to the user indicating that report output is ready.

All reports older than 48 hours are removed from the locker, regardless of their download status. By default, reports will run for a threshold of 45 seconds before a message appears, indicating that the report will process in the background and be delivered to the user’s document locker. To change the threshold for a customer, please contact Customer Support.

The locker can be accessed in one of two ways:

  • Go to Profile in the upper right of the dashboard page and select Document Locker in the menu.
  • Go to the Document Locker button in the Reports tab screen.

RA - Document Locker.png

If the report cannot be loaded within 45 seconds, then a pop-up message displays, stating that the report will be sent to the locker. Once the report has finished running, a comma separated values (CSV) data-extract of that report is loaded into the locker, and the user receives an email notification that the report is ready to be downloaded.

To allow the report to finish and prevent it from storing in the locker, the user can click the “X” at top right of the Document Locker pop-up window. Performing this action will result in the report running through completion.

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