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Risk Assess Workspaces

Workspaces are identified as links that display at all times at the top of the application (above the tabs) when the user is logged in. They provide a filtered view of the application’s content. Workspaces are created by subscribing objects to them. Users can limit the suppliers, engagements, relationships, or other objects shown on a workspace to a selected, defined subset.

In addition to users and groups that are members of a workspace, all Admin users and all users with permission to “View Community Workspace” can see the workspace links.

A user’s active workspace can be created to provide them with the ability to optimize and organize information in the application in dashboard format. Each workspace has its own dashboard, and the workspace owner has the ability to assign members to view the content.

Only users who are assigned as members of specific workspaces can view that workspace’s content. To make a workspace private, set the permission (Admin tab > User Management and Security section > System Permissions link) to deny, making workspaces that individual users create private for them and the users/groups they designate as members.

By default, an all-inclusive Risk Assess workspace is available in the application. Users cannot edit or limit its content. Once this workspace link is clicked, the entire workspace will display.

Workspaces can be imported via the Supplier and Extended Supplier Imports.

Following is a screenshot of workspaces displayed at the top of the application screen with selections listed in a corresponding dropdown menu:

RA Workspace Menu.png

Each workspace and dashboard has an individual security profile allowing the customer to grant or restrict access to other users who may or may not be involved in those processes.

An object must be subscribed to a new workspace in order for the workspace to be available. A more detailed description of workspaces and their functionality can be found in the Landing Page – Your Active Workspaces help topic.

For example, a customer has added one or more suppliers that provide services related to catering, cafeteria, or other food services. The customer wants to create a specific workspace just for food service suppliers and their relationships.


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