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Advanced Program Management Widgets

As of 3/29/21, Risk Assess no longer offers the Advanced Program Management widget.

The Advanced Program Management widget provides authorized users a way to manage inflight programs (programs that have been launched but are not yet completed) and teams. The widget shows all team members in the program, as well as the status of their evaluation. If there is no inflight program, then the program grid will not display. If the most recent program has completed, then the grid will display; however, the delete and unsubmit functions will not be available for any team member.

RA - Advanced Program Management.png

The Advanced Program Management widget allows users to:

  • Delete Evaluators from the program, team and/or system using the delete feature.
  • Un-submit any evaluation that has been completed and return it back to the evaluator.
  • Add individual team members or import a spreadsheet of team members.

Users who are added to the inflight program using the widget get added to the active program and receive an evaluation for completion. If no program is open, then the user is added as a team member and will be included in subsequent program launches.

  • Display the program approval in view-only mode. From the approval, the user has the ability to visualize the program status, delegate and see program results from the approval. The user will not be able to override, save or approve (unless they are also assigned as the final approver of the program).
  • Display the contents of a configured report.
  • Provide an HTML file for display of detailed training on how to use the widget.

RA - Advanced Program Management 2.png

Add Team Member

Utilize the Add Team Member option to add one or more employees to the list to be enrolled in the program.

To add a team member, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Add Team Member button. The “Manage Team” form displays.
  2. Enter the contact information and role for the new team member.
  3. Click the Add button.
  4. The new team member is added.

When enrolling the Information Management Team Member object, the setting will default to external.

Import Team Members

Use the Import Team Member option to add a list of employees to the list to be enrolled in the program updated existing employee information or delete employees from the program enrollment.

To import a list of team members, follow these steps.

  1. Click the Import Team button. The “Manage Team” form displays.
  2. Export the import template.
  3. Populate the template.
  4. Import the template.
  5. The new team members are added.

Report on Results

Click the Report on Results button to launch the Program Status Report.

View Program

Use the View Program button to view the approval for additional details of the status of program and the individual responses for the users who have completed the program.

Re-Launch the Program to a specific user

Use the Re-Open button, available in the un-submit column, when the evaluation has been completed to Re-Open (re-launch) the program/certification to a given team member to update their response.

Delete Team Members

Click the Delete icon to remove team members from the program and depending on the configuration of the widget, from the team and or the system.

Configuration of the widget must be performed by Coupa staff for customers who purchase the option to use the team solution.

Configuration options are listed and defined in the following table:




Future Feature. This ties the configuration to the registered widget. Using this option a customer can have multiple widgets configured in their environment pointing to different configurations.


Program being managed by the widget.


Report to display in the widget.


Role of the members of the program.


Role that authorizes a user to see the widget. If an unauthorized user accesses the widget, they see nothing.


Location on the application server of the custom HTML training document.


Currently not used, but can provide a way to localize specific to this widget instance.


Indicator of whether the manager of the enrollment object can access the widget. For example, if this is set to true and the external account manager accesses the widget, they will be able to see the widget.


Determiner of the extent of the delete action. Default is to just remove the user from the program. Mode team, a configuration option that is set by Coupa Operations, deletes the user from the program and removes them from the team. Mode teamanduser deletes the user from the program, removes them from the team and sets the user to delete status.

In order for this widget to be available, the customer must subscribe to the Mode Team module.


Future Feature that when enabled will allow internal administrators to see a dropdown of enrollments in the program to choose which specific evaluation they want to manage.


Results of a specific question on the evaluation.


(for internal training purposes) Enrollment ID of the engagement that is enrolled in the managed program.

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