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Coupa Success Portal

Program Delete Widget

The Program Delete widget allows Admin / Program Admin users to remove any previously launched programs. To do this, these Admin / Program Admin users must be members of the special group, CancelEvalsWidget. Once added to this group, the Admin / Program Admin user can select the Program Delete widget and add it to their Dashboard.

RA - Program Delete 1.png

To view a diagram of the Program workflow and status in the Program Delete widget, click the Hivi button.

RA - Program Delete 2.png

To delete a Program Launch and remove Evaluations and Approvals from the user’s Dashboard, click the Delete button in the Program Delete widget. In the ‘Confirm Delete’ pop-up window that displays, the Reason for deletion is required.

RA - Program Delete 3.png

Once the reason is entered, click the Delete button to confirm deletion of the program, or click the Cancel button to exit the Confirm Delete window without removing the program.