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RSS Reader Widget

The RSS Reader widget checks the feed the user specifies for new content and provides an interface to read the feeds. The benefit of using an RSS feed is to eliminate the action of visiting individual websites to review new content, with the “feed” bringing the new content to the user via a designated, centralized location. The RSS reader is the method through which RSS feeds are communicated.

The RSS Reader widget is configurable, and allows the user to set:

  • The URL of the RSS feed.
  • The number of items that will be displayed in the RSS Reader widget.

RA - RSS Widget 1.png

There are three instances of the RSS Reader widget that can be added to the dashboard. Each instance is configured with different default settings:

To update the configuration of the RSS Reader widget, click the wrench icon to view the the “RSS Feed” form.

RA - RSS widget 2.png

Enter the URL for the news feed and the number of items to display in the widget.

Click the Save changes button to update the list.  Or, click the Cancel button to exit the form without saving changes.

RA - RSS widget 3.png

Feed URL is required. If no Feed URL is entered into the field, then an error message will display and the user will not be able to submit the RSS Feed form until a value is entered.

RA - RSS widget 4.png