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View Ad Hoc Report Widget

The View Ad Hoc Report widget allows the user to pin a report directly to their dashboard. The user can choose which report to view by utilizing settings. This widget can be configured to display the entire report, the report grid or one of two charts defined for the report.

RA - View Ad Hoc Report.png

Configure a report

To configure a report to display in Ad Hoc, click the wrench icon to view the “Report Viewer” form.

RA - View Ad Hoc Report 2.png

Select the report to display, the report grid, or one of the two charts.

Click the Save changes button. Or, click the Cancel button to exit the form without saving changes.

Report filters that are predefined in the report configuration are applied when the report is loaded into the View Ad Hoc Report widget. Users can filter the report by values in one or more of its columns.

Create a report

To create a report configured to show filters in its configuration, create a report that is configured with Show Filters in Report Configuration and select at least one filter field.

RA - View Ad Hoc Report 3.png

Grant appropriate permissions on the report to ensure it is included in the list of reports on the widget for the appropriate users/groups.

RA - View Ad Hoc Report 4.png

Add the View Ad Hoc Report widget to the Personal dashboard. Configure the widget to display the preferred report.

Click the plus icon to define additional filters.

Select the column for inclusion in the filter.

Hover over the filter field to expose the setting wheel to:

  • Change an existing filter configuration.
  • Define the filter criteria for filters being added.

RA - View Ad Hoc Report 5.png

To eliminate the possibility of a user overwriting a filter for other users, the application is configured so that filters do not persist when the user leaves their dashboard.

  • Multiple View Ad Hoc Report widgets can be pinned to the user’s dashboard, however, only a single filterable View Ad Hoc Report widget is supported on the dashboard.
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