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Work Queue Management Widget

The Work Queue Management widget enables program evaluation and approval assignment. Users can add up to five-additional columns to the widget.

Users who are members of the group “Admin Work Queue Managers” can view all evaluations and approvals. Non-members will only see evaluations and/or approvals that are assigned to them.

RA - Work Queue Managment.png

Use of the Work Queue Management widget requires licensing of the Work Queue module. Additionally, configuration or modification of this widget must be accomplished via the Coupa Localization Team. For more information, please contact Customer Support.

This widget allows users to:

  • View submitted evaluations/approvals.
  • Display evaluations/approvals that are not yet submitted.
  • View the name of the user assigned to the program.
  • Assign ownership of submitted evaluations/approvals.
  • View the working queue in real time to ensure that the most recent status and ownership display.
  • Filter, query and manage the working queues.
  • Report via the “Export” function.
  • Add additional columns to the widget to include additional data to the grid.

RA - Work Queue Managment 2.png

Standard Fields available using the Work Queue widget include:

  • Take button: Results in the evaluation/approval to be delegated to the user
  • Assign button: Opens a delegation popup window to delegate to a user or group
  • Assigned To: Shows who the evaluation/approval is assigned to
  • Context: Enrollment context of the evaluation/approval
  • Due Date: For the evaluation/approval
  • HiVi button: Shows a graphical representation of the workflow in a pop-up window
  • History button: Shows the delegation history in a pop-up window
  • Last Updated Date: Date when the evaluation/approval was updated last

When a localization change has been applied to the Work Queue Management widget, or if Work Queue data is not displaying as expected, Coupa will reprocess the data. Please be aware that these reprocessing events will impact the Last Updated Date that displays for the customer when they run reports.

  • Last Updated By: Username of the individual who last updated the evaluation/approval
  • Name: Name of the evaluation
  • Periodicity: Periodicity of the program
  • Program: Name of the program
  • Program Status: Overall status of the program
  • Status: Evaluation/approval status
  • Type: Evaluation/approval

Five additional fields available by default (which can be replaced by the customer-provided standard or UDF fields) include:

  • Organizations: Standard field Organizations from Relationship (Contains a value on the grid for Relationship enrollments only)
  • Supplier Number: Standard field from Supplier Object
  • Additional Info: Standard field Additional Description from Supplier
  • Country: Standard field Country from Location (Contains a value on the grid for Location enrollments only)
  • Engagement Number: Standard field from Engagement (Contains a value on the grid for Engagement Enrollments only)

RA - Work Queue Managment 3.png

RA - Work Queue Management 4.png