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Managing Suppliers

In the context of Risk Assess, a supplier is any party, internal or external, that provides goods and/or services to a business. External suppliers provide goods, such as printer paper, and services, such as document management. Internal suppliers also provide goods and/or services. For example, the Help Desk provides assistance to internal associates under a service level agreement.

The Risk Assess application provides the ability to store and manage the documents, attributes and processes around a relationship with internal and external suppliers, including:

  • Assessing the risk of doing business with a supplier
  • Measuring a supplier’s performance
  • Confirming that the supplier is compliant with the organization’s business practices and policies, as well as government regulations
  • Understanding the mix of supplier sites/locations from which products/services are being delivered
  • Providing an online community for people to collaborate and track relevant documents.

A logical connection between a supplier and its subsidiary organizations can be created through designation of a parent/child association between any two suppliers (to any number of levels).

Supplier records are comprised of a combination of standard- and user-defined fields and objects. Inclusion of fields in the “Supplier Management” page (Suppliers tab) is managed through the Data Dictionary (Admin tab > Configuration Data Management section > Data Dictionary Management link). For more information on the Data Dictionary, see the Data Dictionary Management help topic.

Standard fields in the supplier record and their descriptions are listed in the following table. Required fields are designated with an asterisk (*):



Corporate Name*

Business name of the supplier

Supplier Number*

Auto-generated/pre-assigned by the application, but can be changed manually by the user, if preferred

Default Account Manager*

Name of the supplier employee who is responsible for the supplier’s account with the customer company

Default Account Manager Email

Contact email address for the supplier employee who is responsible for the supplier’s account with the customer company


Active or Inactive designation of the supplier in the application’s workflow

Supplier Life Cycle Status

Stage of the sourcing process in which the supplier is categorized

External Reference

Reference key that uniquely identified the supplier in one or more external systems (for example, SAP, Oracle)

Corporate Short Name

Common abbreviation or acronym representing the supplier

Legal Name

Name by which the supplier corporation conducts its operations

Business Type

Business category by which the supplier corporation was established

Supplier Type

Industry in which the supplier conducts its business

DUNS Number

Data Universal Numbering System 9-digit number issued by Dun & Bradstreet to uniquely identify the supplier for the purpose of credit reporting

On Hold

Status indicating whether the supplier is barred from entering into relationships

Hold Reason

Description of why the supplier has been indicated as “On Hold,” if applicable

Ticker Symbol

Stock trading symbol that uniquely identifies the supplier as a public business entity


Industry Classification

North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code identifying the primary business activity of the supplier


Supplier segmentation classification indicating the type of business relationship the customer has with the supplier (e.g., commodity, strategic)

Risk Rating

Assessment of overall risk assigned to the supplier

Tax ID

9-digit identifier issued by the federal government for the purpose of reporting income

VAT Number

5-12 alphanumeric character identifier issued by many countries, including countries of the European Union for Value Added (consumption) Tax purposes

Year Established

Year the supplier was founded

EDI Enabled

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) protocol type used for the supplier


Indicator of whether the supplier is on the U.S. State Department’s Terrorist Exclusion List

Auto Approve Compliance

Indicator of whether all compliance programs in which the supplier is enrolled will be automatically approved or will require review and approval by the designated approver

Supplier Group

Name of the customer-defined supplier group in which the supplier is a member

Supplier Parent

Name of the parent supplier to which the subordinate supplier (child) is a subsidiary organization

Default Supplier Manager*

Application user name for the internal (customer) user responsible for managing the supplier


Contact telephone number for the supplier


Contact facsimile number for the supplier

Country of Origin

Country from which the supplier’s goods are shipper or services are rendered

Default Language

Primary language by which the supplier communicates


Uniform Resource Locator (URL) address of the supplier’s corporate website

Available Supplier Groups

List of all user groups to which the supplier users may belong

Selected Supplier Groups

Designation of an internal user group to the supplier in the event of an incomplete external only program; this group assignment can be utilized to delegate the external program to an internal user for completion on behalf of the supplier

Products and/or Services

Description of products and services provided by the supplier


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