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Editing an Engagement

To edit a Risk Assess engagement, follow the steps below.

  1. Click the Engagements tab
  2. Select your engagement
  3. Click the Edit button on the top right corner of the page
  4. Make your changes and click Save. Or, click the Cancel button to discard changes.

Selections for dropdown lists are customizable and can be created via the Admin tab > Configuration Data Management section > Setup Data Management link. (e.g., Setup Data Types: Classification, RiskRating, Geography)

Administrator privileges are required to create new setup data. Please refer to the Administration-Configuration Data Management – Setup Data Management help content for detailed instructions on creating setup data.

  • Engagement records can also be created by importing the data via spreadsheets. Please refer to the Integration-Engagement Import help content for detailed instructions on importing engagement records.
  • It is a common error to try to save the engagement record without completing the second page of the wizard. Be sure to click the Next button to navigate to the next wizard page.
  • In order for values populated in Engagement UDFs to be carried forward into the Relationship upon award, an exact copy of the UDFs needs to be created for the relationship. The Engagement UDFs must be populated before the Engagement is awarded.
    • If a UDF with the same name is defined and active on the Candidate Supplier object and on the Engagement object, then the application will copy the UDF value from the candidate supplier to the awarded relationship.
    • If an inactive UDF with the same name is defined but inactive on the Candidate Supplier object and defined and active on the Engagement object, then the value from the Engagement is the value copied to the awarded relationship. Attachments are not carried forward into the relationship upon award.
    •  User Defined Objects: For UDO records to be copied from the Engagement to the Relationship, the UDO must be defined on both the Engagement and Relationship records.
    • Team Members: Any team members will be copied to the Relationship record.
  • The Draft status when creating Engagements is being deprecated in the New UI. The applicable statuses for engagements are: Active and Inactive.


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