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Relationship Objects

Relationship objects allow the user to capture additional information about the contract, agreement, or arrangement that exists with a supplier.

Relationship objects are displayed in the bottom section of the Relationship Management page. A link at the top of the Relationship Management page shows for each of the objects that exists and displays the number of instances of the object. Hovering over these links, displays the list of instances for that object.

Relationship objects are associations to the relationship record. There may be zero, one, or more object associations for any relationship.

The display order of the associations (including UDOs) under any object can be set and the system remembers these settings with each login.

Breadcrumbs for existing associations appear at the top of the Relationship record.

RA - Relationships Add Detail.png

To add a new association to an existing relationship record, click the Add Detail button at the top of the specific Relationships page.

RA - Relationships Add Detail button.png

Select an association to create. You will see the management page for your selected association.

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