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Coupa Success Portal

Viewing Products

The Products tab provides the user with the ability to create, define and edit products, add new associations and document attachments to a product record, and perform overall product management within the application—including product risk assessment.

This tab displays all product in grid form. The following columns are displayed in the default Products grid:

  • Product Name
  • Part Number
  • Version Number
  • Product Manager
  • Status

The following additional columns may be added to the grid:

  • Part Identifier 1
  • Part Identifier 2
  • Part Identifier 3
  • Part Identifier 4
  • Unit of Measure
  • Type, Classification
  • Source Type
  • Risk Rating
  • Estimated Cost
  • Estimated Revenue
  • Date Active
  • Date Inactive
  • Requires Contingency
  • Country of Origin
  • Description
  • Parent Product
  • UDFs configured as “Display in Grid”

To view a product record, click the Products tab.

RA - View Products 1.png

Scroll down to the product preferred to view and click on the product name.

RA - View Products 2.png

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