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Coupa Success Portal

Create a New Product

To create a product in Risk Assess, the following required (*) fields must be completed:



Part Number

Code that uniquely identifies an inventory item (part)

Product Name

Common name for the product

Product Manager

Individual at the customer responsible for managing the product

The following/all other values on the team member screen are optional:




Indicates whether or not the product is active and available to the Risk Assess workflow

Product Identifier

Code that uniquely identifies the product

Unit of Measure

Actual unit in which the product is measured

Version Number

A number that is assigned in increasing order and corresponds to new developments in the product

Parent Product

Product for which this product is a component


Category used to classify the product


Standard for categorizing the product for example North American Product Classification System (NAPCS) code for the product

Source Type

Method by which the part is sourced; for example:

  • Multisourced

  • Single Sourced

  • Sole Sourced

Risk Rating

An assessment of overall risk assigned to the product

Estimated Revenue

Estimated annual revenue generated by the product

Estimate Cost

Estimated annual cost of the product

Date Active

Date the product is available for use

Date Inactive

Date product expires or is no longer available for use

Requires Contingency

Indicates that the supplier relationship is risky and that there needs to be a contingency plan in place in case the supplier can no longer fulfill its contractual obligations

Country of Origin

Country from which the product/part is shipped


Brief explanation of the purpose and configuration of the product

To begin creating a product, click the Products tab.

RA - Create new product 1.png

Click the Add New Product button to view the Product Details page.

RA - Create new product 2.png

Complete the required fields, as well as any optional fields.

RA - Create new product 3.png

Click the Save button to save the new product.Or click the Cancel button to discard the data.

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