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Coupa Success Portal

Edit a Product

To edit a product in Risk Assess, click the Products tab to view the Product Management page.

RA - Edit product 1.png

Scroll down to a product to view and click on the product name. The specific product page will display.

RA - Edit product 2.png

Click the Edit button > click the Save button to save the new product. Or click the Cancel button to discard the data.

Dropdown lists in the Product Management page are customer-customizable. Dropdown lists can be populated via the Admin tab > Configuration Data Management > Setup Data Management link.

Setup Data Types:

  • Product Identifier = PartSegment1, PartSegment2, PartSegment3, PartSegment4
  • Unit of Measure = UnitOfMeasure
  • Type = PartClassification
  • Classification = PartClassification
  • Source Type = PartSourceType
  • Risk Rating = RiskRating

Administrator privileges are required to create Setup Data. Please refer to Administration-Configuration Management-Set-up Data Management for detailed instructions on creating custom dropdown lists.

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