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Product Objects - Attachments

The Attachments capability in Risk Assess can be used to store any and all documents related to a product. A list of all attachments related to the product is displayed on the Product Management page. When creating an attachment, users can classify the document using the category field, and create search keywords that can be used to find the document using the application search feature. Additional remarks and comments can also be recorded for the attachment.

To create an attachment association under a product, the following required (*) fields must be completed:



Document Name

Display name for the attachment object

File Name

Name of the source file attached


Classification of attachment documents by document type (i.e., template, contract, etc.)

The following/all other values on the team member screen are optional:



Key Words

Search words or search string that enables searching for the document using the application search feature

Available Group Access

Any user group defined for the customer can be granted permission to view and (if the group has the necessary permissions) edit the attachment record

Selected Group Access

User groups to which access rights to view and/or edit the attachment record are granted


Brief summary of the document contents/purpose

Internal Use Only

Indicator of whether the attachment is accessible to both internal and external users

The following fields are display only, and are automatically populated by the application when the remark is created:



File Type

Description of the file format

File Size

Size of the file attached

Attached By

Name of the user who created the document attachment

Upload Date

Date on which the attachment was created

To add an attachment to a product, click the Product tab and then the specific product to which an attachment will be added.

RA - Object Attachment 1.png

Scroll to the Attachments section of the Product page and click the Add button to view the Attachments page.

RA - Object Attachment 2.png

Attach the document or image and click the Save button to save the attachment.

RA - Object Attachment 3.png

Or, click the Cancel button to return to the Product detail page.

Maximum document size is 100MB.

Following are additional important bullet points to keep in mind pertaining to product attachments:

  • The Document Category type designations are customer-customizable. Dropdown lists can be populated using the Admin tab > Configuration Data Management section > Setup Data Management link.
    • Setup Data Type:  DocumentCategory
  • Administrator privileges are required to create setup data. Please refer to the Administration-Configuration Management-Set-up Data Management section of this document for detailed instructions on creating custom dropdown lists.
  • The following document types are supported .pdf,.txt,.doc,.docx,.xls,.xlsx,.mpp,.ppt, .pptx
  • The application does NOT allow: .exe. .xml. .msg
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